Sunday, August 23, 2009

Milepost 5 exhibit in portland

WOW. yes i am still saying that word even though i saw the exhibit yesterday. Milepost5 is a community of creatives that i had been thinking of buying into before my head blew up in december 2007. i am still on their mailing list so when i got the email regarding the 'Manor of Art' show i knew i wanted to see it.
there are two buildings there and the manor of art show transformed every room in one of the buildings into art installations. About 100 artists collaborated, each having a room of their own to do with as they pleased.
The rooms ranged from graffiti to meticulous design and everything in between. i am just going to focus on a few of my favorites here and post the rest of the pictures on my flickr page. 
One of the rooms that i loved was about death. the artist makes burial cloths and (i believe) offers a natural burial service. In her room there were skeletons in the closet and a form wrapped into one of her burial cloths. Here's a picture...
One of my very favorite pieces was a mannequin cut open and rooms intalled. here's a few pictures. I loved how home was literally embodied in a human form. And each floor inside had minature furniture like small beings lived there ...

here's a closeup.

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