Thursday, August 27, 2009

Object Afterlife Art challenge

I know i have been blabbing on about this show but today i just got a look at the poster.... (hopefully it gets bigger when you click on it so you can actually read it... ).  I am so excited to see what 38 different people did with 38 different 'weird things' and to read about their process.  The show will be as varied as the artists involved and i am sure will be a worthwhile stop on your first friday walkabout.  And if you miss that show during the eugene celebration it will be continuing in our new space at 449 Williamette st.  The opening reception for that show is sept 12th.  I hope to see all your sweet faces out and about.  And if you see me out there be sure to say hi (there's nothing like real face time). xxxyo

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  1. Hi Yona,
    Good for you on this blog--you are living it! It takes awhile to build a following but already you have some, so keep on keeping on. Linda Clare