Friday, August 21, 2009

The things i find while biking

being both an artist and a biker makes for some interesting experiences. Today i took a 20 mile ride up crow road and back down spencer creek road. Both are rambling country roads with not too much traffic. About 10 miles into my ride i saw a turkey vulture lying dead. Oddly enough there was another one just across the road. Neither of them looked like they had been run over because they were both fairly intact. And the hornets and wasps were still feeding on them so i figured they were pretty fresh. Had someone shot them? I wondered. After taking a few pics and a few feathers i rambled on. within moments i began to have yet another 'letting go of my old self' moment (so that i can let in the new self) and i realized the next step on my path. Coincidence? Or does roadkill always give me a letting go experience?

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