Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Felting has Begun...

     On Friday, November 7th, just after I return from Oaxaca, I will be part of "It Felt Good", a show at MECCA dedicated to a wide variety of local felting artists.  From needle felting to Nuno felting and everything in between there will be much for the eyes to feast upon. 
     I intend to have ten new scarves for the show; each one unique in color, material and design.  And, this time I am actually going to put sale tags on them.
     In the scarf shown to the left I used a 4 inch wide, black cotton lace with a floral pattern as a base.  Then I laid out gold merino wool roving to make for some contrast.  Next I made circular patterns using the curly red mohair yarn.  Finally I finished it off with some lime green kid's mohair in the center of the patterns made by the red yarn.  Red, Black and Green... an old favorite of Bay Area politicos and an awesome combination that mirrors all those bloody leaves that are falling everywhere.
    I hope to see you all there on First Friday.  We will have some goodies to munch, a little vino and lots of beautiful felted eye-candy.  And I am sure I will have lots of great stories fresh off the road from Oaxaca.


  1. I will be at 1st Friday! great that you have been creating so much and enjoying it. Love your felt work! ~Karol

  2. thanks karol... i am looking forward to the show... i know mija will have some awesome little goodies to sell...

  3. Nice scarf - and you'll have TEN of them! You are productive!!

  4. the one i made today i like even better... hope it keeps going like this... i will post a picture tomorrow when it's dry.... ty for the comments