Monday, September 14, 2009

Artist Trading Cards and Candy Boxes

Every month on the last Saturday we hold an Artist trading Card party at MECCA. Although I am currently working on a few larger pieces I love taking a little break to make up some ATCs for the trade.  It is like having a wild fling in the middle of a serious relationship (without all the complications of course).  This month my love affair came in the form of these strange little candy boxes from china that someone donated.  They are too small to work as ATCs on their own so i cut down some Tarot cards that I found to 'frame' them.  You can still open the little boxes so inside I put several bits of miniature ephemera; plastic numbers, fortunes from cookies, old stamps, chinese game cards, letters, stickers and whatever else i could fit into the little boxes.  If you live somewhere near eugene oregon and are available Saturday, September 26th from 11am til 12:30, come by MECCA with a few of your own cards to trade.  It's a fun easy way to have a little creative exchange in your life.  And, if you don't live near and want to trade with me, just send me a message via facebook and we can work out the details in private emails.