Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rob's new book

This week, with the failure of my computer and other unsettling mini dramas I did not get to do my blog post.  But, I do have something to share.  Rob Brezsny who does the Free Will astrology column has expanded his book Pronoia.  Do you remember when Ram Dass wrote 'Be Here Now'?  I was dazzled by all the wonderful drawings and sideline distractions.  Rob's book is much the same, a wonderful right brain journey for those of you who are into it...
     On a side note this week in his free will column Rob got waaaaaaay political.  here's an excerpt:   

'During the dialog about health care in the U.S., certain highly relevant facts are never discussed. For example, it's ludicrous for right-wingers to fear that a government-run health system would freshly infect our capitalist system with the stain of socialism. The truth is, America has long had the biggest socialist enterprise in the world: its sprawling military establishment, which is completely paid for by
taxpayer dollars and run by the government! Another unacknowledged fact in the dialog about health care is this: The single smartest strategy for financing a new health care system (as well as dramatically improving the economy as a whole) would be to reduce military expenditures.  Americans don't seem to realize that their monstrously huge military empire is a case of supreme overkill: It girdles the globe in ways that are unprecedented in the history of civilization. We have 761 military sites in over 100 countries! I bring this to your attention to illustrate the way that a seemingly serious discussion can be thrown off course and rendered unproductive when it ignores critical information. Please make sure nothing like that happens in your personal sphere in the coming weeks'.    The link for Rob's revised book is  and at a mere 14 dollars even I with no job can afford it...