Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blabbing on about Rob again and the meaning of love...

Every week Rob Brezsky puts out a little column of jewels (in the form of words).  Last week i wrote a bit about his new book but i find myself wanting to write about him again this week.  Am I in love?? you may ask.  Probably in some form or another.  I like peeps who say things that help me to feel good.  Share the love as some would say.
So this week what caught my eye the most was this little shpeal...

'"I may not love you," wrote R. R. Doister, "but I can certainly love my fantasy about you." Personally, I've been guilty of embodying that attitude toward certain people in my life. There have also been allies to whom I could have said, "I do love you, although I love my fantasy about you a little more." And it has even been the case on numerous occasions that I've been proud to declare, "I love you even more than I love my fantasy about you." What about you? Where do you stand on the issue? This is an excellent time to get on the righteous side of the great divide, which is to say: Adore your special people for who they really are more than for your fantasies about them."

For my own 'bit' i seem to be struggling with falling in love with the image of something or someone.  I have more often than I would like to admit fallen for the way a woman looks or the way she moves or the sound of her voice as opposed to what she is really saying.  Lately I have been falling for the excitement of a bigger city (portland) and a living situation in which i can fire up the chop saw in my living room and no one will have a problem with it.  Is this somehow a 'low-level' search for my union with my gaud?  or is it my firey desire to create whenever i feel like it?  Who knows.... but at least I am thinking about stuff before making life altering decisions.
PS.  i am listening to 'the black heart procession' this week especially their nuevo tango jaunts like 'voiture en rouge' and 'tropics of love'.  If your into accordians and waltz-like music check em out...*