Saturday, December 19, 2009

nuno and needlefelted mixed media..

     Last winter while I was recovering from a head injury a friend turned me on to nuno felting...(a technique where you felt through a porous fabric like cheesecloth or lace).  I was addicted almost instantly.  As with any new activity there was a learning curve.  I made several scarves using all kinds of fabric as a base.  Some I liked.  Some not so much.
    For awhile the scarves just sat there in a pile collecting dust.  Then one day after acknowledging that this was a process, I hung them all up on my wall in the order that they were made and made a sign "Progression of the Scarflet Species".  It helped to know that just because some of my attempts were less than perfect I still learned something from the experimentation.
     This year for Xmas I am making everything (as opposed to buying stuff).  A few friends got scarves made just for them.  One friend will get something a little different.

   I cut the winged portion of the above piece out of one of my 'failed' attempts.  I cut the heart portion out of another one of my "less than perfect scarflets".  Since I like to mix things up a bit I embellished the winged heart with an old button, several different beads and a leather cord with some red beads on it.  Here's a picture zoomed closer in...

Now, lets see who gets it.. hummmm... i think i will keep that to myself a few days longer... xoxoyo