Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More Valentine's...

As promised I took a few more pictures today.  The first one is of the scarf I made last night.  In my humble opinion it did indeed turn out to be a winner.  here's the picture: 
What I like best about nuno felting (and what makes all that hand washing worth it) is the texture it creates on the silk.  This piece of silk has a beautiful lustre to it and thus the texture looks almost like ripples in a pond.  Here's a close up:

This scarf is also longer than my other ones (and lighter weight too)... great for spring or autumn wear.
I also took some pictures of the pendants I am working on.  First one is a sterling heart set in a silver plated box and strung on rayon with a magnetic box closure.  Here's the picture:

The next one is similar but it is a handblown glass bead with a matching lime bead on the top and both are also set in a silver plated box pendant.  This one however is on a chain.

The next piece is an african red heart bead (more anatomically correct than our hearts) set on a silk strand.  A gold rose was E-6000-ed to the front and small matching african red beads w/black glass czech beads complement the pendant. 

Next is a pendant made w/a steampunk button, a victorian reproduction heart and a small sterling goddess charm hanging from the bottom.  It is strung on black artificial sinue and accented with black glass spiral beads and vintage white-hearts (they are actually red beads with white centers).

I made one other thing which is a winged heart, nuno and needle-felted with a cord hanging from a card.  You can leave it on the card or remove it and hang on the wall or leave it on the card and set it in a frame.  It features a reproduction of a brass button that was popular in the early 1900's.

That's enough for now... I will be posting more regularly up until the sale in hopes of getting you to come out and join us for a good time and some valentine's treats.  Even though I am official single I buy myself and some friends a Valentine's every year.  After all the holiday is basically about Love in the many forms it takes.  What could be better than that?


  1. I just love all your work! And I agree with buying for self and's all about love!

  2. these are all fabulous Yo! It's going to be one rockin' valentines show.