Saturday, February 27, 2010

Artist Trading Card Swap at MECCA...

     It's the last Saturday in February and for the first time in several months I made it to the Artist Trading Card Swap at MECCA.  I made a 'good haul' (at least in my book).  I went there with 10 ATCs and came home with 8 new ones.  Following is a picture of each and a little blurb about the person I traded with.
     First Mija finally gave up her marlboro card...
Even though I am no longer a smoker I still have a weakness for tobacco packaging and memorabilia.  I traded a card that I had gotten a few months ago from one of the few men who showed up.  It was a card with holes in it, all wired for sound 'so to speak'.  Mija had her eyes on it immediately.  Next I traded with Carole aka CRAY....

It's titled 'Roam'.  I have traded with Carole several times before but normally she has something from the 40's like ration tickets or old ads.  This was a bit different and hopefully will remind me to roam a little more.   Next, I see we had a pro here (meaning she trades on  

This one is titled 'She Wore a Hat' and someday when I have more time to dedicate to this mine too will have titles and signatures.  I like the 3 women in this one and the placement of the lettering.  
Next I traded with another woman I have not had the pleasure of meeting before.  Her name is Dianne and her card had an image of Ayn Rand on it.....

Along with a little quote from her.  We both agreed (being about the same age) that when we were in our late teens we thought of Ayn Rand as one of our heroes. Since then, having developed a more mature and liberal point of view, we have both abandoned our idolization of her.  Still the card gave us a 'talking point'.  Next I traded with Mindy who I have seen at Saturday morning coffee and the ATC swap a few times.

    It's entitled 'Solar' and is hand drawn on a red construction paper.  Mindy spends a fair amount of time doodling or so it would seem.  I suppose I should have taken pictures of the different cards I traded away but I didn't.  I did however make a special little series just for this Swap.  Somewhere long ago in my travels through trashcans, garage sales, thrift stores and occasional 'street trades' I came across an original booklet for a Barbie doll.  It was clearly marked 'copyright 1960'.  I love the simple line drawings for what was soon to become one of the most opulent ad campaigns ever.  Check it out...
I cut out some words from a french feminist and each card got a little piece of the paragraph.   We will see if I get more takers next month.   The last two ATCs are from the same young man.  His name is Dustin and judging from his looks I suspect he is from U of O.  Check out these great little drawings done with sharpies. 

I am pretty sure Dustin didn't make it home with even one of his own cards.  Everyone was pretty excited to trade with him.  The one above is entitled 'Wormwood'.  The other one I traded for is called "Pink Floyd was Playing"

     You don't have to be artsy to come to the ATC Swap at MECCA.  All are welcome.  It happens the last Saturday of the month and is an easy way to meet and trade with other folks who like to fool around with collage, drawing, computer art and semi-sculptural mixed media.  Really there is only one rule and that is the size....  (2.5 x 3.5 or a 'normal' trading card size).  We start at 11 am and usually go for just an hour or sometimes an hour and a half.  Hope to see you there next time.  xoyo


  1. At first I misread and thought Barbie accomplished her dress size tiny!

  2. that is hilarious carina... it is somewhat perverse Barbie with a shopping bag accomplishing her 'destiny'...

  3. Yona, I love your blog and I am so thrilled with my Nuno winged heart !!! Thank you.
    Your such a creative person and love all your art work.
    What a pleasure to visit your blog...
    I will be back for more.
    Hugs, Laura. xoxx