Saturday, February 20, 2010

Aftermath of the show ... musing on Heartwork...

    I remember telling my therapist the Monday before the valentine's show that I was extremely anxious about it (it was to be the first real show I have done since my head injury more than 2 years ago).  There was a hint, even on that Monday, that one of my pieces MIGHT be on the cover of our local alternative newspaper.  Still, I was suddenly frightened I would not have enough hearts to go around and because I had been working non-stop for two months I was too tired to make anymore.
    My therapist in her ever so wise way mentioned I was adding to my own torment with this useless anxiety.  Being my own worst enemy, AGAIN.  (Turns out I had one heart left... perfect!  one for me!)
    I have had a week to calm down now and get back to more of a normal routine.  Back to my volunteer gig 3 days a week and back in the saddle of my bicycle as often as possible.
     Of course I am thinking of ways I can do it better next year.  Often while I am out riding with the music singing in my ears I can see in my imagination 'heartwork' I want to attempt.  The winged heart did not have a lot of fans this year so maybe next year I can come up with a better design.

      3 dimensional hearts have been re-occurring often ...especially a tortured heart splitting open or with a crack in the center.....

 The more anatomically correct Mexican heart with fire has been 'swimming about in the back of my 
psyche' too.

     So we will see what comes next....   
      On a final note I want to thank everyone who either bought a heart from me or supported me in my first (post traumatic brain injury) show.  I feel very blessed that the Eugene Weekly used one of my pieces for their cover and I even wrote in to say "hey, that would be one way to make Eugene more artzy every week.. put a local person's art on the cover".  
It is sure to be a more heart-centered year....even if those hearts are primarily in my sketch book or the heart table.