Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Digital Works.. the journey to the inside (continued)

     Sorry I haven't posted in a few weeks.   (have you missed me just a little)?  I been working on a show that will be at The Voyeur opening the last Friday in August so I have an excuse.  (Just saying). However today since I have a bit of time I am doing a short and sweet post about my digital work.
   Though I was online before I came to Eugene, the move from SF changed my 'online' relationship.  All of a sudden 'real' life was much quieter and as I was struggling to keep my right brain stimulated.  I searched for alternative online art sites and found one where you traded postcards with strangers in other parts of the world.  I was also using the worldwide lesbian site called Shoe and to mix things up a bit  I would often ask my online friends to trade handmade postcards.  It seemed an easy way to keep the city stimulation I was accustomed to going.  Following are some of the 'postcards' I sent.
    The one above I titled 'Thirteen'.   It's not only my favorite number but a significant part of my heritage.  I was born on Friday April 13th, my mom was born of Friday June 13th and my grandmother was born on Friday February 13th!  I was shocked when I found this out because what are the chances of THAT happening?
   The piece above is a cubist woman pondering the number 13.  It was collaged onto a 4 by 6 tarot card.  Once the collage part was done I scanned it then printed it onto watercolor paper and used a small paintbrush to manipulate the ink while it was still wet.
     The next piece was originally collaged onto a digital image of a 'found collage'.   The mannequin (a favorite subject matter of mine) is losing her head.  The piece is titled 'Evidence'.   It became particularly relevant after my brain injury with the words 'brain re-sizement' listed as 'evidence of my insanity'.
    This last piece called 'Listening' prominently shows a nude woman listening with a red flower growing like an idea out of her head.  In the upper left hand corner there is a mannequin covering her ears refusing to listen.  In the lower left hand corner there is a poem.... 'you think you can grasp me, think again.  my story flows in more than one direction.... '.  I sent this one to an online friend in Montreal.
   That's it for now my friends.  All of the work I have been writing about in the blog posts titled 'journey to the inside' will be at my show the last Friday in August at The Voyeur.  I know it's Eugene Celebration that weekend but I hope you will make time to come and see me.   As always your comments are welcome and thanks for reading!
yona c. riel