Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Personal Favorites from the Show..."Neuro-pathic Passages"

     Hey friends, I know I haven't been posting much lately.   Every single waking moment has been spent  getting ready for my first solo show since my traumatic brain injury in December 2007.   It's a good sign that I have time tonight to write a brief blog despite being brain dead. 
    While working the past several days/weeks (or was it a month?) I have been revisiting my life as I  sorted through over 5000 photographs.  A few of them have jumped out and proclaimed themselves as my favorites, so I thought I'd share those with you in hopes of enticing you to come out next Friday, August 27th and see the show. 
     The first one is a closeup of the fountain in the botanical gardens in Oaxaca.  It is decorated with marigolds and amaranth, the tradition for Dios de los Muertos.  In the print the color of the water contrasts beautifully with the flowers.
     The next photograph is a distant view of the fountain.  It is still close-up but you see more than just the details.  If you look at the rocks you will notice they are red.  There is a tiny bug in Mexico called Cochineel and they use it to dye just about everything.  In this photo they have put it into the water to make it run red like blood.   I am hoping for my opening to get my hands on some and have a miniature fountain with the waters running red. 
    My next favorite I completely forgot about until my very last search through the photographs.  It is softly focused and reminds me of a spirit who is half of this world and half of the next one.   I like it because it is skeletons and one of them is being reflected back in a mirror off to the side.   I also really like the soft pastels-colored hues and their shocking expressions.
    Some of my other favorites include a few pieces that I have completed since my TBI such as the one entitled "Growing Pains".  Now that I have a little distance I can see that this piece really captured the frustration, tears and anger I experienced almost every day for the first year after my brain exploded.  I am so thankful I had such a caring, experienced and knowledgeable therapist who worked with me every week.  Here's the picture of the piece.  Eat, Cry, Sleep. 
    The next piece was done in a class at Art and Soul last year.  It is a 3 dimensional piece with the image of the head extending out a 1/2 inch from the rest of the collage using rivets and two pieces of plexiglas to sandwich the image.  I like how it came out in it's 2 dimensional manifestation also.
     This last piece captures how I feel this very moment.   It is called "Art Slave" and features a starving Buddha as the main image.  When preparing for a show I know I am not alone in forgetting about the food 'thang'.  The work has consumed every waking moment leaving no time for things like food shopping, housecleaning and sitting down to eat.  Any rent-a-wife services out there??
     That's it for now because talking about food has made me really hungry and I don't want to end up like the Buddha in the picture above.  Thanks for reading my friends and I hope to see you in just over a week at The Voyeur on Blair.  We are even going to open early (at 5pm) so you can stop by before you head out to the EC.  Yona C. Riel