Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Neckpieces for the August 7th show in eugene and Petaluma show in september

    I am excited about the directions the neck pieces have taken over the past few months.  Following are some of my favorites.... below is a mostly sterling piece with a genuine tintype and clock-face...

The next piece is also made with a genuine tintype from the mid-1800's.  It is set with brass clock parts..
Next are two neck pieces made using altered mexican tin art set with cameos and beads..

The next piece is made using a genuine skeleton key, a clock gear and an old watch.  It is set with glass and amber beads...
Then there is the sterling filigree butterfly set with the matching earrings, frosted glass beads and lime  glass disks for some color...
The last three are made of clock parts also although they are very different from each other. First one is made using a genuine clock gear and the chain that drove that gear.  It is set with a small skeleton key using buttons, milagros and beads in the chain..
This next one is the insides of an old pocket watch set in a sterling filigree bezel...

And lastly a moon shaped brass clock piece set with a gear and a milagro.  The dangle is a brass piece set with a black stone. 

Hope I see you out on the park blocks in Eugene or at the show in Petaluma in September.   Thanks for reading... Yona C. Riel


  1. Hello Yona,

    I'm a friend of Lois Engle's and actually have known of you for some time through Artfest and other art things. I'll be at Art is...YOU taking a class from Thomas Mann. I hope I get to meet you in person. Just came by from the yahoo group for the even to see your jewelry. Nice vintage works!

  2. wow, thanks catherine!! how do i get in touch with you? r u on FB?? i was thinking about thomas's class but they said he might cancel.. let's try to meet each other at art is you.. thanks for commenting!!