Monday, June 13, 2011

recent artwork... please vote for the one you like best...

     On August 7th, 2011 I will be having my next show.  It will be a booth at the ReArt festival put on by Next Step Recycling, a cool place that recycles computers and gets them into the hands of those who cannot afford them.  Next Step does way more 'community service' than I can list on this blog so if your interested go here:
     The festival will be held out in the park blocks at the same place that Saturday Market is held the day before.  I am busily designing and making bizarre and exciting neck-pieces, some with a steampunk flair to them, others Mexican influenced and some influenced by 'random finds'.
    I am posting the pictures in hopes that you will choose one that speaks to you, helping me get a sense of what YOU want and/or like.   
     The first piece is made mostly of brass clock parts with a milagro and a skeleton key thrown into the mix.
    The chain once ran the gear that serves as the central piece.  In the center of that gear is a steam punk button hand manufactured by an artistic soul who sells on Ebay.

     The second piece was inspired by a rusty old washer I found on a walk with a friend.  She said she had found it a few days earlier and threw it back thinking I might find it on our walk together.  Indeed I did.
    I adhered a brass gear to the turquoise disk.  Then I laced the disk to the washer and added a rose button to fill the hole.  The blue beads in neck piece are brass that has been tarnished and the clear frosted glass beads are from an antique necklace.  On the back, because i wanted to make it pretty too there is an old Chinese coin that fits over the center hole.

    The next piece I designed while in San Miguel de Allende this past January and February.  I had gone there looking for old skeleton keys and resin skulls.  The only place I have found these skulls is in the Zocalo in Mexico City when there is an event going on. 

    Like in Mexico if I use a skull or something else that signifies death I will also work in something that signifies life.  In this piece the two silver heart beads signify life and the skeleton key symbolizes the catalyst between life and death.

    The last piece is inspired by Mexican tin art, some of which I found in San Miguel.  This piece has a tin winged heart, textured and painted.  On the bottom I drilled a hole for the equal armed turquoise cross that I bought at a art sale in San Miguel.
   I also added an old Chinese coin to this piece and added a blue and silver spinner bead for the bottom of the cross. 
   These are the basic designs I been working on and you will help me immensely if you would vote for which one you like the most.  Assume they all cost the same amount of money and the only thing guiding you in your vote is personal taste.  You can leave comments either on Facebook or on the blog itself.  Looking forward to your feedback...  xo  yona c. riel